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Welcome To Attmon Attendance monitoring

The easy and fast to set up solution with no up-front costs

Our attendance monitoring system works by listening to the WiFi traffic, and reading the sender addresses of the phones that are in the area. Out of this data, we build the attendance sheet information. Your employees won't need a token, or a card, or an RFID chip. They are simply identified by the smartphone in their pocket.

We don't charge you anything up-front. We will install one (or as many as you need) of our data reader devices on your premises, and you can instantly start to set up the system. The first week if free as well, and once you are happy with our product, you pay monthly - £4 per employee per month. If an employee leaves, you don't pay for them any more, as the system won't detect their presence any more. Simple, and easy on your pocket.

Large Range of Applications

Our product is versatile, and can be used in any environment, from universities to large factories.

Ideal for all Situations

Anyone with a smartphone with WiFi can be monitored for attendance. It's that simple. No set-up or application on the phone required.

Suitable for outdoor use

Our attendance detection units can be used indoors and outdoors, on a campus or a shipyard.